Small pets and animals for sale in Bolivar, MO

White faced & standards available, large and healthy, young. Great pets. 150$ - 300$ each depending on gender and colouration. Taking reservations on mosaic & cremeino het joeys starting at 400$ New deal : 150$ for a white-faced male as his main breeding partner sold first! Prices depend on individuals colouring and sex. 150$ - 600$ Each. Pair discounts. Currently available are standard grays a...
Hello, thank you very kindly for your interest in my advertisement, merry Christmas. Please read my full ad before inquiry, and don't feel afraid to send an email to have your questions answered, as I will happily answer any questions you have regarding rat care and purchase. I am a hobby breeder of normal-earred and standard fur show-line pet rats. I have bred rodents for several years now and...
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